About Me

My full time day job is being a BATman (Business Application Technician), where I’m the main administrator for Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Phocas, other business systems and some of my own custom applications in the company I work at.

I spend almost all of my spare time voluntarily running IngressFS: Helping out events around the world with their issues, creating and expanding the Auto Score Sheet to save time for organisers and to make events more fun, and adding new functionality to the FS pages on FevGames where I’ve been a contributor since 2014. I have a ton more ideas I’d like to work on like more event formats in the Auto Score Sheet, connecting the sheet to the event pages and sharing more data in awesome ways.

A lot of people have offered to shout me a drink if I ever get to visit their country as a thank you for helping them out with IngressFS but my rather average wage from my day job isn’t enough to afford any kind of trip away overseas. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t share the same appreciation for Ingress (She still refuses to play even after 7 years of trying to get her to join) and isn’t too happy that I’ve spent most Friday and Saturday nights up until 3am for years working on FS for free.

So if any of my work has helped you out and you’d like to throw a few bucks my way, I’ve got a ‘keep the wife happy fund’ at paypal.me/cluelessness. Any contributions of any amount would be greatly appreciated.