#IngressFS - Sterling, VA, United States - June 2024

Date/Time: 01-Jun-2024 12:01 pm UTC -4 //
Base Portal: Frogshackle Cottage // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Seafood Shark Statue // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/+pkbuRYOzwI04NDFh

Event Description

Claude Moore Park is a premier location for an Ingress First Saturday event.
The site is home to Claude Moore Recreation & Community Center which will be closed for renovation the day of the IFS. The facility is run by Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services.
The park is also home to the Heritage Farm Museum. The museum is private, so don't ask to use the bathrooms there. There are indoor, modern bathrooms in the Claude Moore Visitor Center. Stop inside and see Sweetie, a female corn snake, Picasso, and other live animals on exhibit.
The IFS will begin at Frogshackle Cottage at noon. The photo will be taken and IFS'ers will then be free to do a mission banner. The rows will be standalone. The first row is a flat hike from Frogshackle to the Rec Center, the athletic fields, and the outdoor exhibits of the museum. The second row can be hiked or run on trails in the northern section of the park. The hiking is rated as easy to moderate as the trails are color coded, no one should get lost. Please take photos of birds and other wildlife in the park.
After completing the banners, or simply hiking at Claude Moore Park, make your way to the Bungalow Lakehouse for photo sharing, conversation, IFS restock, and socializing.

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