Data Dive 2023-01

I like to dig down curious rabbit holes of data from time to time. Dive 2023-01 looks into some VicRoads Projects, Public Acquisition Overlays, current petrol prices, and some of the projects Melton Council is advocating to the Federal Government.


So I was on the vicroads website to pay my rego when I felt like checking out if there’s any new interesting projects and details on projects underway.

*click* *click* *click* Melbourne road projects : VicRoads

*click* High Street Melton intersection upgrades : VicRoads – Nice to see High St and Coburns Rd intersection finally getting upgraded soon. Not much info available yet though…

Map of High St and Coburns Rd

Any updates on the OMR/E6? Melton council have raised it as an urgent project once again but no other changes since I last checked it out. Still fascinating to see the path this future freeway will take, but the PDF design sheets don’t do it justice.

*click* Vicplan *clickety zoom*

Land under Public Acquisition Overlay and the outline of the OMR

What else have we got here?

Different types of PAOs? *clickety google*

PS MapAcquiring AuthorityPurpose of Acquisition
PAO3Roads CorporationOuter Metropolitan Ring /E6 Transport Corridor
PAO5The Minister responsible for administering Part 2 of the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978Western Grassland Reserves
PAO6Director of Public TransportOuter Metropolitan Ring / E6 Transport Corridor – Rail Connections
PAO7Melton City CouncilRoad Purposes
PAO8Public Transport VictoriaCalder Park Train Stabling and Maintenance Yards
PAO9Western Region Water Corporation Recycled Water Storage Facility
PAO11Melbourne WaterDrainage
PAO12Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate ChangeDelivery of the Kororoit Creek Regional Park
Schedule to clause 45.01 Public Acquisition Overlay Melton Planning Scheme – Ordinance

Ah, just a bit of drainage and grassland. *zoomy zoom* Nice to see there’s some land reserved to expand the Melton Highway

Wait a sec, what’s that over the Melton Golf Course?

Looks like the western half of the golf course, from the creek to Yuille street is subdivided into 4 lots of 6 town houses, 16 corner blocks and a few more larger blocks as well as access roads for all of them!

There’s so much more to explore but it’s time to get some sleep tonight.


Petrol prices are going up so it’s time to update my fuel price history log. As per usual, Melton prices are higher than anywhere else, and it if you don’t have an independant servo within 6km of a big brand servo, you’re paying on average 12c/L more.

I wonder if there’s a correlation between fuel price and how wealthy a suburb is?

*downloads the Victorian Suburbs Census DataPack from the ABS*

*mushes data together in Power Query*

Looks like there’s no statistically significant correlation so might leave it at that for now.


I thought I might take another look at the Melton Council’s call for Federal Government investment to see what else might be in there. It’s great to see the council advocating for such large projects, including:

  • Getting the Outer Metropolitan Road and Rail Link (OMR) started and connected to the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL)
  • The Western Intermodal Freight Terminal at Truganina (WIFT)
  • New stations at Mt Atkinson, Thornhill Park and Calder Park
  • And the adoption of the Melbourne Metro 2 East-West Rail Link.

There’s so much fascinating information in council’s submission to the Federal Govt. (pdf, 12pgs), it’s definitely worth the read.

There’s an interesting graphic on page 10 about Metropolitan Trains with a cropped graphic that refers to East-West Rail, that’s a new one. A quick Google leads to WEST East Metro Rail Plan by Hobsons Bay City Council with quite an extravagant plan!

WEST East Metro Rail Plan map (

Might be worth checking out what Infrastructure Victoria’s working on… next time…